1. Platform

(1) Implementation of Regular Meetings
Members become “theme owners” and carry out collaborative workshops on various social issues every month.
(2) Knowledge and Resource Sharing
FCAJ and its members support knowledge sharing and the mutual development of networks.
(3) Creation of “Ba” (place)
We hold events, workshops and programs etc. to create open innovation among our members.


(1) Support for Creating an Environment Conducive to Accelerating Innovation
We support the construction and practical use of a large innovation ecosystem with high social impact.
(2) Supporting the Practical Use of Innovation
Utilizing FCAJ’s resources, we support the practical use of social innovation and open innovation.

3.Think Tank

(1) Research and Study
We conduct collaborative research and study on innovation methodology and social issues.
(2) Study Group
FCAJ members hold independent (voluntary) study group meetings regarding specific themes, starting with: Living Labs and municipal/public space, objective engineering etc.
(3) Media
We disseminate information regarding FCAJ’s activities and study research.
Think Tank