About FCAJ

The general incorporated association of the Future Center Alliance Japan (FCAJ) was established in 2012 as the Future Center Studies Group, and together with 30 different companies and organizations from both the public and private sectors, has been researching environments to generate innovation starting with the Future Center. In order to establish a platform that encourages not only research but also practical usage, in May of 2016 it became a general incorporated association. FCAJ members are comprised of a variety of companies, government agencies, universities, research institutes, NPOs and others, who make practical use of “Ba, such as the Future Center, in order to build future oriented innovation in business and society. Coming from over 40 organizations, with differing spheres and positions, people from a wide range of specialized fields gather to work cooperatively on specific themes and projects. We also work at networking with overseas institutions such as the FCA, exchanging information on a regular basis.