Founding Purpose

The general incorporated association of the Future Center Alliance Japan (FCAJ) was established in 2012 as a Future Center Studies Group, and for 4 years, together with 30 different companies and organizations from both the public and private sectors, has been researching environments to generate innovation starting with the Future Center.
With the diversification of values and the increasing complexity of social issues, as well as the rapid development of technology etc., companies and organizations are no longer able to develop innovation independently, therefore, in order to create a platform that encourages not only research but also practical usage, in May of 2016 we became a general incorporated association.
The FCAJ is an alliance organization which creates “Ba” as a forum for corporations, government offices, municipalities, universities, NPOs, etc. to generate and accelerate innovation, namely; at the Future Center, the Innovation Center, the Living Lab etc., constructed as environments to support and facilitate the acceleration and utilization of innovation, with the aim of researching and disseminating innovation related methodology and promoting its practical usage.

Association Profile

Name Future Center Alliance Japan(FCAJ)
President Noboru Konno
Establishment May 16,2016
  1. The planning, maintenance, and management of study groups, training sessions and workshops
  2. Consulting services and practical support for innovation models
  3. Research and study on innovation themes
  4. The planning, maintenance, and management of educational activity lectures, seminars, and publications etc.
  5. The planning, maintenance, and management of service platforms from which to collaborate and to construct innovation accelerating support environments
  6. Management, maintenance and utilization of intellectual property
  7. Other necessary operations to achieve the above-mentioned goals
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