The Future Center Study Committee founded in 2012 has researched and formed hypotheses regarding how FC can be used for innovation with companies, government bodies, universities, and NPOs for three years.
 The main themes of activities were as follows: in FY 2012, “Grassroots Research on What FC is;” in FY 2013, “Action Learning for Practicing FC;” and in FY 2014, “Initiative for Forming FC Platform.” And in FY 2015, the name changed to Future Center Alliance Japan (FCAJ), and through cooperation among the Future Center / Innovation Center / Living Lab (hereinafter, FC/IC/LL) with various members from the industry, government, academia, and private entities to execute alliance activities for accelerating innovation.

Innovation Camp

Social Innovation Camp in Yokohama

We did the Social Innovation Camp in Yokohama with supported by Mr. Hank Kune, Founding Partner of the Future Center Alliance (FCA).
Theme was “How can we solve the social issues such as healthcare for aging society through the arts”. We could find the potential of Yokohama as an innovation ecosystem and Living Lab.
(May 2015)


Collaboration with FCA

Visiting innovation sites in EU and having workshop together

We visited innovation sites such as Future Center and Living Lab in Netherlands and Denmark. We had a workshop together at LEF future center, which made us come up with creative concepts for five themes we brought from Japan. 20 Japanese from FCAJ and 10 Netherlanders from public-private sector joined that.
(November 2014)


Collaborative program with local institutes

Local-to-local collaboration by linking future centers

 In local, it is so important to collaborate each other beyond borders by networking local future centers.
We discussed about local issues and solutions, inviting five local institutes such as NPOs which run future centers in their areas.
(September 2014)


Extensive workshop including Business, Public Sector, Universities, NGO’s/Citizens

Collaborative program with Kansai healthcare innovation Hub

We did an extensive workshop at Technology Innovation Center of Daikin Industries, Ltd. in Osaka. About 140 people joined the program from 4 ministries (Economy, Education, Welfare, Finance), 40 companies, 3 universities, 10 NPOs, and 3 local governments.
For the healthcare Living Lab plan by the major railway company in Kansai region, various participants discussed about healthcare issues and created business models, while redefining them.
(December 2015)