There are three types of places for creating and accelerating innovation.

Future Center
(1) Future center
The future center is a place for creating hypotheses with a perspective of the future regarding complicated issues that cannot be solved by a single company, or a mid to long term social issue. We gather various stakeholders from the industry, academia, government, and private entities to search for seeds of innovation from a theme created through creative dialogue. There are cases in which companies become owners of themes such as medical, health, and urban issues, etc. but the cooperation with government or the local society is a prerequisite.
Innovation center
(2) Innovation center
The innovation center is a place that creates innovation by having companies making their technology and resources open to produce prototypes through external co-creation. This is not a simple display of technology, but is a place where one can create products and services with the clients through practicing development processes from the user’s perspective in an open space within the company via a quick cycle of making a product, testing it, and improving it.
(3) Living lab
The living lab is a place for pilot study in the city. Here, people create business models through repeating tests of concepts and prototypes in a city where people live.

WISE PLACE is an ecosystem of continuing innovation that works by the collaboration of these 3 other types of “Ba”.

Although it’s possible to develop innovation independently in each “Ba”, by cooperating together on common themes, these three types of “Ba” increase the sharing of resources and knowledge, so that the speed of innovation increases. A condition results where innovation grows continually, as social innovation and business innovation develop in tandem. Future Center Alliance Japan is committed to generating such a “WISE PLACE”.